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What we do at...


'TIER 1' helps you rise above the rest and be number one in whatever you do.   


Our Mission is to provide our clients with creative and practical web and graphic designs so their businesses can...


Our Core Values are the 'Tenacity' we portray in our services and products which gives us pride in showing off our creativity and uniqueness. We value the 'Innovative Ideas' amongst our team and our clients hence we can pride ourselves on highly exceptional customer service; we don't stop until our client is satisfied with the design. Our values are built upon 'Evolution'; we are always thinking outside the box to conceptualize and broaden our client perspective so that we can move forward in bringing forth their dreams and turning them into reality to have their business...


Our Vision is to take over the creative industry in Jamaica through WEB, GRAPHICS, AND MEDIA DESIGN. Based in Jamaica, a small island filled with a lot of competitive industries, we at TIER1GRAPHIX vow to help you (entrepreneurs, startups, or existing businesses; whether small, medium, or large) stand out, leave a mark, keep relevant, and up to date through the creation of exceptional Web and Graphic Designs. Not only locally; but additionally we also help international businesses as it is easy to be lost and forgotten in the numerous existing businesses that are already out there. TIER1GRAPHIX helps your business; whether locally or internationally...       


Meet The Team

...that'll ensure you STAND OUT

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Tajae Dunn is a highly-skilled, dedicated, and reliable individual who has an understanding of professionalism and time management through 4 years of prior experience as a freelance graphic designer and architecture student. Now the Founder of 'TIER1' and a graduate of the University of Technology where he received an undergraduate degree in the Bachelors of Arts in Architectural Studies, Tajae has built this brand with the mission to take over the creative industry in Jamaica through GRAPHICS, ART, WEB AND MEDIA DESIGN.




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