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The following remote work policy applies to all employees to which they must adhere to whilst working at TIER1GRAPHIX. By applying to work at TIER1GRAPHIX you are consenting to be bound by these terms, policies, and procedures that are standard in the industry and also in accordance with the Code of Ethics of a remote job. TIER1GRAPHIX may change this policy from time to time by updating this page; therefore you should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are happy with any changes. This policy is effective as of 01/07/22. Failing to read this page is not an acceptable excuse for not abiding by these policies. A formal contract will be sent and signed by both parties before work is started.

Working hours

At TIER1GRAPHIX we believe in flexibility and having a work-life balance. TIER1GRAPHIX employees won't be hired full-time but will be given projects to do on their time and discretion. This however still follows a deadline at which the company wants the project to be completed before. Employees should be alert around the TIER1GRAPHIX stipulated work hours to accept project details and discussion with the lead designer. TIER1GRAPHIX working hours are Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm. Employees are allowed to communicate their availability; for instance, they are busy on other work or at another job and work out some schedule if necessary. 

Payment Plan

Working at TIER1GRAPHIX isn't full-time but basically working on time based on Commission Availability. That being said employees are paid by Commissions (liable to change in the future to salary-based). Usually, TIERGRAPHIX will assign one employee per project depending on the strain of that certain project. 

Payment Methods

- Bank Transfer 

- Wire Transfer (Western Union or Moneygram)



TIER1GRAPHIX reserve the right to publish/showcase all completed projects done to our portfolio and website.

Communication guidelines

At the start of a project, TIER1GRAPHIX has a time set out for a meeting with employees to discuss the project brief, deadlines, and availability. During the project TIER1GRAPHIX also set up meetings to see the progress and hear discussions.  All meeting regardless if not specified above is done online by ZOOM. This allows employees to ask questions, give updates, and brainstorm ideas from entirely different buildings. Meetings are scheduled to work with employees available time; also TIER1GRAPHIX send instant messages through their Employee Whatsapp Group to discuss these available time and updates. Employees are also allowed to call meetings to discuss project updates and questions of clarity. Regarding instant messaging on Whatsapp employees are required to respond in a matter of 60 minutes max. Working in a service-based industry means clients have their deadline; therefore passing that 60-minute response time TIER1GRAPHIX has the right to drop you from the specific project.

Virtual meeting etiquette

Virtual meetings are still meetings, and meetings call for professionalism. Attendees can often relax more on Zoom calls, but there is a fine line between donning sweatpants during the weekly team call and playing Barbies with a five-year-old during a shareholder meeting.

TIER1GRAPHIX Employees should:

  • Mute your microphone upon entering the call

  • Use headphones to minimize noise

  • Keep your webcam feed on (if requested)

  • Broadcast from a clean space or use a neutral background

  • Limit virtual meetings to one hour or less

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